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La ZZ cage est la plus discrète des cages pour pénis de grande taille !

LA ZiZi CAGE: Le confort du Z…

Un modèle directement dérivé de la classique « Sissy Cage », pour répondre aux besoins de confort lorsqu’il faut fabriquer un tube compris entre 70 et 90mm de longueur. La courbe est alors plus modérée grâce à sa structure en Z. Cela rend cette cage toujours très discrète, mais moins contraignante qu’une Sissy de même longueur. Il est cependant possible et intéressant de faire La ZZ cage dans des longueurs comprises entre 50 et 70mm, pour obtenir une courbe modérée et bénéficier de l’esthétique des Z. C’est une cage très agréable pour un port longue durée 24h/24h, et la plus recommendable pour allier grandes dimensions et discrétion.

Poids: Pour une cage de 8cm de long en anneaux diamètre 40mm (épaisseur 4mm), on obtient un poids de 77g pour le tube et 104g au total avec l’anneau de scrotum en diamètre 45mm (épaisseur 6mm).

Chaque cage est une pièce unique fabriquée à la main en acier inoxydable chirurgical 316L, par des artisans spécialisés, dans nos ateliers de Catalogne.

– Le choix de verrouillage « No Escape à cadenas » est livré avec: 1 tube, 1 anneau de base, 1 cadenas, 1 ceinture de discipline, 1 housse de rangement.

– Le choix de verrouillage « No Escape à vis » est livré avec: 1 tube, 1 anneau de base, 3 vis de sécurité, 2 Clefs coeur, 1 housse de rangement.

– Les choix de verrouillage « Combo 1&2 » sont livrés avec: 1 tube, 1 anneau de base, 3 vis de sécurité, 2 Clefs coeur, 1 cadenas, 1 housse de rangement.

Vous trouverez de nombreux articles concernant les têtes de cage, les système de verrouillage, etc… dans la rubrique « Information produits » de notre blog.

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Prix : 285,00 €
L'anneau double consiste à souder deux anneaux d'épaisseur 6mm entre eux, pour obtenir une épaisseur de 12mm.
Plus d'infos sur les dominatrices partenaires et les designs personnalisés dans le blog "Informations produit".
Plus d'infos sur les lettres intégrées dans le blog "Informations produit".
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Une réflexion au sujet de « ZZ CAGE »

  1. Cage reçue fin octobre, je la porte quasi non stop depuis.
    Elle est très confortable et très esthétique ! Ma Dame est ravie.
    Je pense en commander une nouvelle bientôt avec quelques cm en moins.

  2. Je porte ce modèle depuis octobre 2017 et il est toujours parfait. La qualité est payante!

    1. Merci pour ce commentaire Peter, la qualité de nos produits vous accompagnerons à vie !

  3. tldr version
    Handmade device made to oder. Owner takes special requests and works well with the customers. Product is well made and has the look you would expect from something handcrafted, not perfect, but nicely detailed. The product I ordered is exactly what I expected and I happily recommend it for these reasons. Downside, the owner takes the summer off, so it may take a while to recieve your order. He is very open and clear about delivery expectations, so you will know ahead of time any delays. Custom made chastity for €160.

    Long version.
    About me. I am a grower. Can go from 1″ to 8″. Have tried several products from CB series to Silicon to Holytrainer v2 to some steel devices. Have also tried the LoveJail from Fetish Felix. Problem I have with all balltrap devices is when I hit that 1″ flacid mark, I slip to the back of the tube. This poses nighttime erection problems as I then push the device (and everything traped by it) 8″ away from my body. I tried all the tricks, but it was still too uncomfortable.

    My order.
    I ordered the ZZ Cage from Red Chili. 70mm tube length, 40mm Dia., 6mm gap, Secured Head and 45mm oval base ring. I special ordered the Z connection ring at 35mm.
    My idea here is to have a tube with a grip point directly behind my glans to keep my penis within the tube even when it tries to pull itself back.

    First Impressions.
    It has been a while since I have worn a steel device and forgot how awesome it is. When I opened the package I was very happy. A beautiful steel toy. There was still some of that welding greasy residue on it, but it easily washed away. The padlock that comes with it is a nice quality lock and is smaller than any other one I have collected. It was also sent with a nice drawstring bag and a chain belt. I immediately washed it up and tried it on. With a few adjustments (bending the weld points to fit the head better), it felt fantastic to slip into.

    Product quality.
    The welds are smooth and the device is well put together. It has all the imperfections one would expect from a handcrafted product (Welds are larger than expected, one bar on top left side of cage is a bit longer or bent at a different distance as the right, etc), but that doesn’t take away from the beauty or function of it at all. This is really a work of art. The pins fit perfectly so there is very little movement between the tube and base ring and the pin-on-top design is really cool as it makes a bit smaller profile*. It also keeps the body of the lock from bouncing on the cage (and the skin trapped within). The hasp does ride on the plate that connects to the pins so it does still make noise when going around with very loose or no clothing.
    *The lock does stick outwards a lot and does make obvious bumps, not through jeans, but other tighter smoother clothing.

    What can I say, steel device with rings and bars. Easy to keep clean. I have showered with it and wore it on several full day occasions without any problems. Longest time worn was 2 days with 2 showers, no worries.

    Well, my antislip design was a bit too loose (more on that in a bit), but otherwise it is very comfy. With the oval base ring I can go a size smaller than an O ring, so it is almost uncomfortably snug, but doesn’t cause any problems once the folds are smoothed out. When I first tried it on, the Head space was too small. I used the base ring to pry the Z connection open a bit and now it is ok. The CB2K designed tube takes me back to the first toy I got which is fun. It assembles very easy and is uncomplicated.

    Yeah right, we all know this story. Penis can be pulled out. However, balls cannot come out of the configuration I chose. The tube entry ring is 40mm and the oval base ring is 6mm away from it. Makes for a very snug fit. I didnt try the chain belt and don’t intend to as I find it impractical, but imagine when it is locked on it would make pullout difficult and not worthwhile.

    Before ordering I took some measurements using the guide on the website. By this I should have ordered the tube at 80 or 90mm, but knowing how I function, decided to go a touch smaller, giving room to grow but not so much length that when I get very small I would pull past the Z ring.
    Regarding the Z ring, I used to have a gates of hell that came apart and left me with these really cool multisized cockrings. I have worn the 1.25″ ring behind my glans before and know it is the perfect size there. Unfortunately that size equates to 32.5mm which is exactly between the 30 and 35mm options on Red Chili. I tried wearing a cord sized to 30mm and found it too tight, and likewise the 35mm trial was a touch loose. Aken offered me the Imperial size if I could recommend a vendor, but I didn’t want to do the leg work so settled for the safer 35mm size. In the end, it performs as expected. Most of the time, I am positioned perfectly in the tube but several times per day I do slip out. It is easy to re-adjust without removing the device tho because of the bar spacing.
    The Z and Head piece were not exactly as I imagined when I first saw them. I think because of the ring size and shorter tube size, Aken didnt leave much head space at the end of the tube. I was planning on reordering it, but decided to try prying it open a bit. Conveniently I could squeeze the base ring in the gap and slowly open it up till there was enough room. On the plus side, after discussing with Aken this problem, I did find out I could order all the parts individually if I wanted too.
    The only other problem I have is with edema. When wearing the device a certain way, it causes the top of the foreskin to swell. When wearing it another way, it retains in the fremun. This is simply another situation as with any device, of being careful and not getting carried away when first trying something out. Of course I didn’t cause any damage, and things returned to normal when I took a break from it.
    Sleeping. Well, this is the first device, that when fitted properly before going to bed, does not cause any « pain » with night time erections, just a lot of uncomfortable pressure. I have had a couple nights where I was able to go from night through to morning without having to remove the device. I think my anatomy simply does not allow me to wear a ball trap device overnight.

    I am more than happy to answer questions about my experiences with this or other devices. Bottom line for this toy, I think it is worth the price considering it is custom made to order. I live in Europe and it was €160 at checkout and another €28 import tax when it arrived, but that wasn’t Red Chili’s problem. No device is perfect or 100% secure, but this is likely as close as it gets for this style device. It helps to know your own anatomy and what has worked for or against you in the past to ensure the device you get works properly.


    It has been a while since I wrote all this down, and (my apologies to Red Chili) I am just now getting around to post about this awesome toy. I wear this toy at least 2-3 times per week for about 8 hours each. With a kid and a wife that isn’t into this, it’s about all I can manage respectfully.
    Some observations I have made. The longer (multiple days) I wear it, the less often I slip back into the tube.
    Once I found the right way for me to wear it, I haven’t had edema issues.
    Still looks awesome and is super comfortable.
    I took a waistband from some underwear and put a loop onto it to hold the lock in an up position. This makes it fit a touch closer to my body and reduces the profile from the lock bump. It does have a cool side effect of making my junk stick out a little more at the tip, making it look like I got a big package in my pants.

    You can also read the all thread here: https://www.chastitymansion.com/forums/index.php?threads/red-chili-zz-cage.23590/

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