About Men Chastity Play

Some chastity basics explained by professional Mistress Miss Kelle Martina.

Where's The Pleasure In Chastity? Why Wear A Cage?

Modern chastity play, is far away from middle ages legends, it's an authentic social phenomenon, especially in United states and Europe. It is still a taboo topic, which needs new information, to help understand why some people need to try the "locked experience", and maybe make you curious about it. For this reason, you will find soon my all knowledge compiled in a book, illustrated by the famous Sardax himself.

For now, all I can say here if you are discovering this activity, is that chastity concerns quite all social classes and various sexual tendencies (heterosexual, homosexual, transgender). It's not a sick perverts thing, before all it is a self exploration and self-giving. Any person can have the need to experiment something different than the four sexual positions, usually accepted by the society. To feel what happens when a man loose its sex control, is absolutely fascinating! The cage is often used in a power exchange game between willing adults.

Locked by the divine "Ibicella", you will quickly learn to transmute your frustration in pleasure...

As for the man who presses such trust and control over his sexual pleasure into the palm of his key holder: he becomes more docile, deferential and attentive. As his sentence of denial increases, the psychological aspect of his imprisonment heightens his libido and sensitivity, and more mundane concerns are supplanted by the overwhelming desire to serve and satisfy his dominant partner.

It is almost unbelievable to fell how man is conditioned by its sex, and how he can easily evolve depending in the control he has on it. The caged man, allow the heterosexual couple to create an alternative to the old patriarchal system, which is obsolete nowadays. A wife in charge with the couple sexuality, is a woman who takes the society power.

Without controlling my sex, I'm a little worm Miss!

Step by step:

Firstly, it's necessary to determine which material and design of cage will best suit the body and give the greatest satisfaction. While Red Chili manufactures lightweight stainless steel cages, many cage designs of silicone, leather, metal, hard plastic and other materials exist on the internet. Some of these models are of lower build quality or difficult to clean, making them generally unsuited to wear over long periods. Red Chili chooses metal for its robust build quality, ease of cleaning, customizability and a greater sense of security.

There's a bunch of cheep Chinese metal devices on the market. They are interesting for beginners, to start having a first idea of your needs. But you will realize soon, that they are impossible to wear for more than a couple of days, because they never exactly fit to your morphology, and comport some hurtful finishing defects, or they rust. That's why customized cages, quality stainless steel and perfect craft are necessary, for who want to seriously play.

Once you are ready to make the first try, things are working better if you go slowly, careful to each other rhythm. Let your partner, taking her new Mistress role step by step. Concerning the cage, you will certainly need time and tries, before being able to wear your device 24h/24h for long last.

As each person has different needs, so too will each body react differently over time to a chastity cage. At first, a common occurrence is for the skin to be more taught or irritated, though it gradually stretches and tempers over time, adapting comfortably to the device. Skin that at first was reddened or irritated by attempted erections will come to heal.

To put the cage on, and to feel it at all time... As if it would be a Mistress's hand extension always there...

Whether you seek a first device, or are here because the common sizes of many market devices don't fit you, special attention to your sizing will be the surest way to comfort.

A cage should be snug while not cutting off circulation, so the best time to measure is “at rest”: when the penis is at its smallest and most relaxed. This will help discourage such painful surprises as nightly erections or morning wood!

The very experimented Italian Mistress Madame Ingrid, was the first professional to trust our work at our begins in 2004.

Here are the typical elements to find the right measures for a male chastity cage:

Base ring internal diameter - Intern Ø of the cock ring which is located behind testicles and comes around the scrotum (average value= Ø45mm)

Cage tube internal diameter - Intern Ø of the cage tube which contains the penis ( average value= Ø35)

Tube's length (Average value 60mm)

Gap between the base ring and tube - Gap between the base ring and the cage tube (average value= 8/11mm )

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Thanks to some of the best craftsmen, chastity devices became real sensual jewelry.

What about the risks ?

Wearing a cage doesn't present you with any great risk, so long as some sensible rules are observed:

- Maintain a good hygiene

- Do not wear the cage for a while, if you have some wounds or problems due to hygiene.

- Do not wear during risky activities, which can cause violent body impacts.

Allow time for your body to breathe and adapt by having periods of freedom as well as captivity. This will provide healing time and help avoid uncomfortable surprises. ..

Don't try to wear a metal cage through a metal detector unless prepared to extend your fantasy into public humiliation!

Keep a backup key in case of emergencies. Having one in a sealed envelope is a simple and effective method to start, but there are plenty of other ideas you can discuss with your key holder to keep you safe and sound while making cheating an impossibility. Experiment and have fun!

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Brain is the main sexual organ. Domina Eva doesn't need to touch, just grazing is enough for her submissive take off!

Chaste, But Still Very Sexual!

This is obviously somewhat different from the idea of traditional chastity before marriage. Rather, the goal here is to provide sexual pleasure in a more refined and cerebral manner. To put it simply, to enjoy sexuality through chastity.

The absence of access to the penis doesn't equate to the absence of pleasure. The key holder, for instance, can be given tremendous pleasure through liberal and creative use of the hands and mouth.
And when not licking or massaging, the chaste party can display their appreciation and enjoy the psychological aspect of submission by serving around the house; cooking and cleaning are common roles that dominant key holders will assign their submissives.

Understanding the depth and diversity of the chastity lifestyle takes time. During the early stages of a relationship, the submissive is driven to excitement,
then to frustration, at the inability to control his own sexual needs. Eventually a state of resignation is reached, as the vestiges of a past life of indulgence fade into memory. Thus freed, he is free to enjoy the true pleasures of chastity, and displays his new-found love in adoration and service. The level of regard for his keyholder steadily rises as he reaches a form of nirvana. It is a strongly psychological feeling of gratefulness, which some couples translate into physical pleasure by mixing chastity with teasing and bondage.

Each person who begins the journey of chastity will walk it at their own pace and in their own way. Some couples break a year into separate chastity periods and mix it with vanilla sex, or switch dominant and submissive roles. Others strive for long-term imprisonment, with punishment periods gradually extending into the years. It's up to you to discover what suits you best, and we aim to help you truly enjoy doing so.”

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Love is the most powerful energy, but when it decreases, the cage can help the couple to re-born sexually (or not!).