General terms and conditions


RED CHILI disclaims all liability in case of:

- Physical or emotional damages linked to the use of our products. To wear a chastity device has some risks (explained on this website, "Chastity" part), like any sadomasochist activity. Adults has to assume how far they go, and have consciousness of its limits, to keep a good health. So, you accepts to take the entire responsibility of the risks, linked to wear one of our chastity device.

- Mistake with your sizing choices and/or measurements. We will build the cage at the size you ask for. But we are not responsable if your sizing election was wrong.

- Very small size variations at building. Handcraft can be a robot work, and we accepts a little marge of errors. 3 mm for tube lengths, 1 mm for rings diameters and 1 mm for the gaps.

Delay and building process

Delays announced when orders are confirmed (often around 8 weeks) can vary, depending on life variables. But we don't often make more than a 2 weeks difference with the original prevision. Sometimes the cage can arrive before!

When your order is confirmed, you take place in our backlog. When your turn is coming, the device will be welded by Aken or Jandro, and Seth will do the finishing. Then it will come back to Aken for the ultimate checking and shipping.

Shipping y Carrier

Our packages are extremely discrete, without any promotional mark, or inscription about the real contain. On the customs papers we mention "Health&Care products" or "Stainless steel rings". The products are carefully packed. Even if someone else would open your package, he couldn't know what it's inside. He would have to insist and unpack many things to reach to the cage.

We contract the shipping by internet through the "GENEI" platform. From there, we will choose the best carrier for the situation. We mostly work with DHL, UPS y CORREOS. Their service is normally sold for a 24/72h delivery. Reality is more about 3/4 days for Europe, and about 1 week for countries like United States or Australia, between the package leave our workshop and land into your hands. We will send you an email when the package will be on the road!

Our Commitments

RED CHILI commits to:

- Provide you products with the best quality, made with care, passion and love.

- Give you help to solve eventual problems with the cage, if it's possible.

- Lifetime warranty concerning welding defaults, or rusting problems. 5 years concerning other eventual issues.

- Treat your personal datas with complete confidentiality. You can trust in us, nothing get out our workshop, except your orders! Professional secret is part of our success.

- Listen to you as often as we can (we don't have any secretary service and many requests).

Changes before building, after confirmed order

To be fair with the people asking for changes after the order was confirmed, we accept them. But sometimes we can miss the message where you're asking those changes, and the cage is built with the original measurements from the order confirmation. In this case, it's not our responsibility if we couldn't treat your request. To accept changes after the confirmation is a favor, not a debt!

Right of cancellation

You can cancel and ask for a refund by PayPal (less their commission), if the announced delay is passed from two weeks, and don't want the cage anymore. Other configurations are possible, if you have a problem let us know and we'll find a solution.