General terms and conditions


RED CHILI disclaims all responsibility in the event of:

- Physical or emotional damage related to the use of our products. Wearing a chastity cage, like any sadomasochistic activity, carries risks that the adult must be able to appreciate. The wearer of the cage must be aware that this practice has its limits if they want to remain healthy! Therefore, you agree to take full responsibility for the risks associated with wearing the cage.

- Errors with your measurements. We will manufacture the cage according to the dimensions you have chosen. But if it doesn't fit because you made a mistake in your choices, it's not our responsibility. Likewise, we often provide advice, but the final decision regarding the dimensions of the cage is yours.

- Minor variations in dimensions during construction. Handcrafted work cannot be as precise as that of a robot, so we allow for slight margin of error: 4 mm for tube lengths, 2 mm for ring diameters, and 2 mm for tube/scrotum spacing.

Lead times and manufacturing process

The lead times provided upon order confirmation, typically around 4 weeks, may be subject to slight variations depending on life's variables. However, it's rare for us to be off by more than 2 weeks from our estimates. It's also possible for your cage to arrive earlier than expected!

When your order is confirmed, you'll be placed on our waiting list. Once it's your turn, the cage will be welded by Aken or Jandro, then it will go to the finishing workshop managed by Marcus, before returning to Aken for final inspection and shipping.

Shipments and carriers

Our packages are extremely discreet, with no advertising marks, and the products are carefully packaged. Even if someone else opens the package on your behalf, they would really have to insist to reach the cage components and start getting an idea of the contents.

Shipments are processed through the GENEI platform, from which we select the most suitable carrier for each situation, typically DHL, ZELERIS, or CORREOS. Their service generally promises 24/72 hours within Europe. Once the carrier picks up your package from our workshop, we'll send you a confirmation message with tracking information.

Our Commitments

RED CHILI commits to:

- Providing you with products of the highest possible quality, crafted with care and love!

- Ensuring follow-up in case of any issues with your cage, to assist you in resolving problems.

- Providing a lifetime warranty against welding or rust defects. An exception is made for screw systems, which are more delicate and are fully guaranteed for only one year. Beyond this period, we will often repair damaged threads or replace nylon brakes that have come off a base ring free of charge, but all postage costs will be your responsibility.

- Handling your personal data with the utmost confidentiality. You can trust us; nothing leaves RED CHILI. Professional secrecy is a guarantee of our longevity!

- Providing attentive listening to the best of our ability (we don't have an official secretary, and we have a mountain of messages to manage weekly), demonstrating common sense and intelligence to resolve any potential issues.

Right to change after order confirmation

To avoid penalizing those who realize over the weeks of waiting that they have made a mistake with their measurements, we typically accept changes after confirmation. However, it's possible that the message you sent us to request this change couldn't be processed in time, and the cage was manufactured with the measurements we had already validated together. In this case, we cannot be held responsible; accepting a change after confirmation is a favor, not a right!

Right of withdrawal

You can cancel your order and request a refund of your payment (minus the commission retained by PayPal) once we have exceeded the announced deadline and you no longer wish to receive the cage. Other arrangements are possible; if you encounter any issues, please let us know, and we will surely find a solution.