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Locking systems

The RED CHILI chastity cages offer four locking systems: the original 'No Escape with padlock, 'No Escape with security screw,' the 'Combo1,' and the 'Combo2'.

The 'No Escape with padlock,' easy to set up with smooth shapes, is the standard locking system. The two locking points prevent horizontal and vertical movements between the ring and the cage, although there is still a slight play. This play is not bothersome, as it is adjusted to never exceed the chosen base ring/tube space. The padlock is free to move and can be placed anywhere, in front, behind, or on the sides. The two small

tabs allow for the adaptation of a discipline belt, locked under the plate, thereby improving the overall stability of the cage.

The huge advantage of this system is that all the base rings are interchangeable at will because they are adjusted to plates that are all drilled identically. So, if you happen to choose the wrong size of scrotum ring when ordering, there's no need to send the cage back to the workshop. We will send a ring that will fit for sure.

"No Escape padlock" on a "Tarentula" mini.

The 'NoEscape screw' has been specially designed to meet the requirement of certain crossdressers who need the utmost discretion under their panties. It is therefore the most discreet system of all those we offer, thanks to its extra-flat shape.

The base ring is slightly different from the 'NoEscape with padlock'. It still has two pegs (much shorter), but the central tip used to accommodate the padlock is replaced by a threaded hole. Once the screw is in place, nothing moves. However, you cannot use padlocks with this system.

Just like with the 'NoEscape with padlock', you won't need to return the cage if you need a new base ring. Anyone who already has a cage with the NoEscape padlock system can switch to the screw version without modifying the cage tube; the plates remain exactly the same as for the padlock system. Just order a base ring for the security screw, and it will fit automatically.

"No escape screw" on a "London Tower".
NoEscape with screw base ring.

The 'Combo' and 'Combo2' systems allow you to combine security screws and padlocks at will, with a locking mechanism that leaves no room for movement. However, you cannot add the discipline belt as effectively as with the other system because it needs to be inserted into the padlock. The 'Combo' requires more work and accessories, so it's an option that adds to the price of the cage.

The downside is that if you need to change the scrotum ring, you'll have to send the cage back to one of our workshops to adjust the new ring.

The "Combo" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 cock ring, 1 padlock, 2 security screws, 2 LoveKeys, 1 storage bag.

The Combo 1 was the first system we designed to combine a security screw and a padlock. We also make it for screw-only, with the protruding rod for the padlock removed, to allow for more discretion.
The Combo2 is the evolution, more aesthetic and discreet, combining both screw and padlock..

The security screw fits into a threaded hole, thus blocking all movements between the tube and the scrotum ring. A second hole is reserved for the padlock, which can be used or not, depending on the desired level of security by the dominant.

However, with only the padlock (without the screw in place), the cage will have lateral play (which is not a problem in the short term; the dominant can easily and quickly lock it with the padlock, and then the submissive can improve their cage security by using the screw).

When you use the screw only, the symbolic of the key is still present, because of the "Lovekey" needed to open the system. The Lovekey is a cute object to wear for your dominant, and it will not be easy to find a similar key at home.

Without a padlock, a simple way to ensure that the submissive does not misbehave is to insert a seal (numbered plastic, cable, ribbon... you can choose your system!) into the hole normally reserved for the padlock. This seal will not hinder the submissive and will provide evidence to the dominant if it has been broken to remove the cage.

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