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Locking systems

RED CHILI male chastity devices can be equipped with the original "No Escape with padlock",the "No Escape with screw"and the "Combo 1 & 2" locking systems.

The "No Escape with padlock",locking system is our standard offer; easy to set up, with an attractive heart shape that is both assuring and safe. The two blocking tips on the cock ring help avoid vertical and horizontal movements between the ring and tube,
preventing any escape attempt. The padlock itself can be moved freely into a front, back or side position. The overall design allowed for the addition of a "Discipline Belt",

which hoists the cage into a horizontal position for greater posture and security.

The greatest advantage of this system is that you needn't send your device back to the workshop for refitting if you require a new base ring! All the padlock plate's holes are spaced identically and the rings adjusted in the same manner. This is not the case with the "Combo 1 & 2" locking system.

"No Escape padlock" on a "Tarentula" mini.

The The "No Escape with screw" option was first specially designed for Sissies requiring the greatest discretion beneath their panties. It's our more discrete locking system thanks to the extra flat shape lacking the more noticeable mass of a padlock.

The base ring differs somewhat to the "No Escape with padlock" one, in that it has shorter spurs, and the central head which would ordinarily serve as an anchor point for a padlock is replaced with a hole.

Once the locking screw is inserted in place here, nothing moves. Both "No Escape" (screw and padlock) locking systems allow you to keep your cage close at home if ever you should require a new base ring. Those of our customers who already have a padlock version can try the screw version without their cage needing any modification. The cage's flat locking plate remains the same as with the padlock version, with a minor change to the base ring. Just order a new base ring, specify the “No Escape with screw” version and it will adapt itself to your cage.

"No escape screw" on a "London Tower".
NoEscape with screw base ring.

The “Combo 1 & 2” locking system, allows you to add both the security screw and padlock. The blocking of any movement is stronger here than in the other systems, as the extra point of control virtually eliminates motion between the tube and base ring. On the other hand, it's not possible to add a “Disciplinary Belt” here; the “Combo” requires further accessories and adjustment to make this an option.

The greatest strength of this system is the ability to switch between the options and sensations of using the padlock or security screw. When ordering, you can specify that the extra pin for the padlock be sheared off if you've no wish for it, and simply opt for the greater discretion that shorter length offers. Please note that with this system, if you require a new base ring, you must send back your device for readjustments to be made in our workshop.

The "Combo" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 cock ring, 1 padlock, 2 security screws, 2 LoveKeys, 1 storage bag.

Combo 1 is the first system we designed to combine security screw and padlock. We can build it for the screw only too, to allow even more discretion.
Combo 2 is the evolution, more discrete and esthetic, which combine screw and padlock too..

The security screw goes into a threaded hole, and blocks all the movements between the tube and the base ring. A second hole is for the padlock, which can be used or not, depending on the security level asked by the dominant.

It's better to always use the screw, because with the padlock only the tube moves too much.

When you use the screw only, the symbolic of the key is still present, because of the "Lovekey" needed to open the system. The Lovekey is a cute object to wear for your dominant, and it will not be easy to find a similar key at home.

Without using a padlock, an easy way to check the submissive is to put a control seal into the hole normally used for the padlock. It will give a proof of your faults, if your dominant find it broken.

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