This is an important step that will influence the decisions regarding your future cage:

A cage that is too large will be very uncomfortable, contrary to what one might think. It will tend to 'fall' on its own, constantly sliding forward, causing pain to your testicles while unnecessarily cluttering your pants.

A cage that is too small will end up hurting you and preventing you from wearing it long enough to fix the issue. The sensation may be exciting in the short term, but it is not suitable for long-term wear.

The four main measurements to determine for your future cage.

MEASUREMENTS MUST BE TAKEN WITH FLACCID PENIS! The excitement of measuring your penis can easily be misleading, so there must not be the slightest hint of an erection!

-1: TUBE DIAMETER: Standard value 35mm. Sit down and let your penis rest on your closed thighs. Measure the width (before the glans) from one edge to the other. The result directly corresponds to the necessary ring diameter.

-2: TUBE LENGTH: Standard value 60mm. Still in the same position, with the penis perpendicular to the body, measure from the lower abdomen to the tip of the glans or foreskin (depending on the position of the penis, the length varies; our reference is perpendicular to the lower abdomen, not held upwards or hanging downwards). To determine the tube length to order, you must subtract the thickness of the base ring (6mm) and the gap (typically 10mm) from your result. Example: For an 80mm penis, the theoretical tube length calculation is: 80 (penis) – 6 (base ring thickness) -10 (gap) = 64mm. The simplified rule of Penis length – 15/20mm also works very well. For an 80mm penis, a 60/65mm tube will be perfect.

During construction, we determine the tube length by following its central axis, as shown in the diagram above. This is our reference, because, for example, the cage in the photo measures 65mm along the center, but if measured on the top it is 85mm, and if measured on the bottom it is barely 40mm.

-3: BASE RING/TUBE SPACE (GAP): Standard value 10mm. The gap of the cage is quite difficult to measure accurately and is generally determined by estimation. Typically, the 'universal' value of about 10mm works for almost everyone. This value is related to the shape of your testicles, aiming to prevent them from escaping while maintaining a certain level of comfort.

-4: BASE RING DIAMETER: Standard value 45mm. This is often the most difficult to define because you need to find the best balance between 'cage stability and comfort,' which often requires several tries. Some measure the circumference of their scrotum using a string and then determine the necessary internal diameter. I don't like this method as it often leads to many errors. A difference of 2mm in diameter can completely change your wearing sensation and the stability of the cage. The shape of the ring (round, oval, or ergonomic) can also vary, allowing for a more precise fit to your morphology. The best advice is to conduct preliminary tests with old cages or inexpensive hardware store rings. I recommend this friendly site, which uses the exact same rings as we do.

Final pieces of advice:

- Measurement should be done carefully. We recommend repeating the operation several times at different times of the day and averaging your results.

– If your penis length does not match our standard sizes, choose the next size down. From experience, when in doubt, it is better to err on the side of too small rather than too large.

– On the contrary, if the diameter of your penis falls between two of our standard sizes, like 30 and 35mm (for example, 33mm), I always recommend opting for the larger diameter and slightly shortening the tube length. The penis tolerates being compressed in length well if it has enough space in width (diameter). However, it does not tolerate being constrained in a diameter that is too small.

Example: For a penis length of 85mm, I usually use a tube with a length of 65mm and a diameter of 35mm. But tests have shown that a cage with a tube length of 50mm and a diameter of 40mm works just as well for me. The sensation of being caged is different, with even greater confinement. Additionally, shortening the length significantly increases discretion in trousers. What the penis loses in length, it easily compensates for in width.

– It is preferable to choose the base ring/tube gap as large as possible without allowing the testicles to escape. Be careful, a gap that is too tight can lead to injuries!

- If the sizes offered are too far from yours, let us know, and we will find a solution...

- Keep in mind that measurements are one thing, and reality is sometimes another. They help to approach the desired goal more quickly, but nothing beats trying, conducting tests... genitalia are so variable!

Ezada's Control Cage, Lily Cage, and Sissy Cage, sketched by the hand of the great 'Sardax'.