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Disciplinary belt

This is an old idea imbued with new life: to adopt a belt for metal devices, using the locking system itself, without being bothered by extra locks. Having a simple and completely adjustable system. All our RED CHILI cages with the “No Escape padlock” system are equipped with two spurs, two blocking tips that help lock and fix the cage. We can easily use these to affix a stainless steel chain, permanently locking the cage to the body.

Beware: Please note, the “Discipline Belt” works only with the “No Escape with padlock” locking system!It does not work as effectively with the “No Escape with screw” system, as it may interfere with the security screw. The “Combo 1 & 2” system is also not specifically adapted to the belt, even if the chain is affixed directly to the padlock itself.

Madame Ingrid trying the belt with our first London Tower prototype in 2006.

Many advantages to this system:

- Easy, simple to set up and aesthetically pleasing:

The length and fit of the belt can be adjusted according to the Mistress or Master's whim, with a single padlock locking the whole assembly in place.

- More security, difficulty of escape:

All cages on the market that do not possess a piercing attachment are possible to violate. With the assistance of cold temperatures or soap, the penis can be slipped out of almost any cage. This assembly isn't impossible to violate, but it makes the attempt much harder and more complicated. I like to compare the attempts to those of a car thief: it may be possible to get inside, but attempts to do so are frustrated and limited by safeguards like an alarm or a steering wheel lock.

- More comfortable:

In the sense that the chain is not very annoying; I can wear it for weeks without marks on my body, and a chaste man feels safer with his sex firmly imprisoned. What's more unpleasant during showering: trying to clean yourself with soap, or seeing your cage sliding around elusively? Sometimes it may even fall off completely! In such cases it would be easy to remove and tamper with the cock, re-insert it into the device and keep the secret from your dominant. With the “Discipline Belt”, this method of cheating is resolved, along with the nagging temptation to exploit it.

- Less erections:

Most cages do not fully manage to block the sex drive. The cage itself is stuck on the front of the sex and the blood flow can become trapped to stagnate below it, forming a painful ball between the cage and body. Those who have attempted to sleep in some cages will know well the unwelcome feeling of discomfort that can strike during night-time erections. Having the cage held up in a horizontal position from the body avoids this discouraging occurrence, promoting healthier flow through the body.

All RED CHILI cages with the "No Escape Padlock" locking system, are thought and delivered with this "Discipline Belt".

2 thoughts on “La ceinture de discipline

  1. Bonjour,

    J’aurai voulu savoir pour un anneau ovale de 38mm (en combo 1 vis seule), quelle est la mesure exacte en ovale (ex 40mm / 36mm ) car j’ai une testicule plus petite que l’autre qui se sauve. ?

    En Vous remerciant d’avance.

    jm dezoutter

    1. Bonjour JM,

      Presque toujours, le fait de transformer un anneau rond en ovale, ajoute 3 mm d’un côté et 2 mm de l’autre. En général on place la plus grande valeur en horizontal. Pour suivre votre exemple, un 38 ovale donnera un 41 (horizontal) x 36 mm (vertical).

      Au plaisir.

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