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Disciplinary belt

Another old idea becoming reality: adapting a waistband for metal cage support, using the cage's own locking system; meaning not bothering with an extra padlock and having a simple and adjustable system as desired. RED CHILI cages with the 'No Escape' locking system are equipped with two pins, two locking points that hold the cage. These can also be used to slide in a stainless steel chain link, thus permanently pressing the cage against the pubic area.

WARNING: The discipline belt is only issued and compatible with the 'NoEscape with padlock' locking system; With the 'NoEscape with screw' system, it doesn't work, as it causes play between the cage and the base ring, which strains the security screw. The COMBO 1&2 locking systems are also not very suitable for the discipline belt, unless you slide the chain into the padlock.

Madame Ingrid at work, with our very first London Tower models in 2006.

Several advantages to this system:

- It's simple, easy to set up, and aesthetically pleasing.

Depending on the mood of the Master or Mistress, the tightening can be adjusted as desired, with just one padlock securing everything.

- Increased security, making escape more difficult.

Except with a piercing on the glans attached to the cage, one can remove their penis from any cage on the market (with cold, water, and soap). Some systems still make it more difficult without needing a piercing! The chastity belt is one of them; it significantly complicates freeing the penis from the cage and, more importantly, putting it back in... Try explaining your penis out and the cage hanging on your testicles to your dominant...

A certain comfort:

In the sense that the chain isn't very bothersome (it can be worn for several days without leaving marks), and a man in a chastity period needs to feel his sex firmly imprisoned, the belt gives a very pleasant sensation of support. Especially in the shower, it prevents the cage from slipping under the effect of water and soap.

- Less erections:

Most cages fail to completely block erectile impulses. The cage gets caught on the front of the penis, and blood flow stagnates, forming a lump between the cage and the pubis in a very uncomfortable way. This is particularly noticeable with painful nocturnal erections during sleep. Having the cage pressed against limits this phenomenon; there's no room left for blood to flow.

RED CHILI cages with the 'No Escape with padlock' locking system are all designed and delivered with this discipline belt system.

2 thoughts on “La ceinture de discipline

  1. Bonjour,

    J’aurai voulu savoir pour un anneau ovale de 38mm (en combo 1 vis seule), quelle est la mesure exacte en ovale (ex 40mm / 36mm ) car j’ai une testicule plus petite que l’autre qui se sauve. ?

    En Vous remerciant d’avance.

    jm dezoutter

    1. Bonjour JM,

      Presque toujours, le fait de transformer un anneau rond en ovale, ajoute 3 mm d’un côté et 2 mm de l’autre. En général on place la plus grande valeur en horizontal. Pour suivre votre exemple, un 38 ovale donnera un 41 (horizontal) x 36 mm (vertical).

      Au plaisir.

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