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Once more, a new RED CHILI concept and design, thought for humiliation and punishment.

HANNIBAL CAGE: Be treated like a dangerous serial cummer...

Inspired by fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter's terrifying mask, this cage explores a different concept to our more ordinary fare. The model was born from our popular Sissy Cage, and pushes farther the idea of penis constraint. From the 90 degrees of modesty offered by the Sissy, the Hannibal will take you to a more humiliating 180-degree angle.

The other novelty explored by the Hannibal is the idea of being a one-piece device, not requiring any extra base ring. This makes it surprisingly comfortable, even given its particularly restrictive angle. Using a piercing locked, you can fully secure the device without the use of a padlock. That said, this design is aimed at those more experienced with chastity cages, as it's not especially easy to set up!

Variations on the original design are possible using bars instead of the full tube, to make things airier and more hygienic.

Every piece is made by hand in our workshops in Catalunya, using highest-quality 316L stainless steel.

Setting up beta:

Try to well place the testicules in each side (stretching the skin) before the penis. Try to push the penis using a pen or any thin tool, through the bars... then when you will be able to grab the glans or the foreskin with your finger through the head cage bars, it will be done!

Sizing advise:

- Upper ring: Choose the same diameter as you would use for a classic base ring.

- Side rings: You need to determinate in which diameter you can put one testicle through. Not too wide, not too narrow. The most common size are 30 and 35 mm.

- Tube's diameter: The same as you would use for a classic cage.

- Cage overall length: The same as you would use for a classic cage.

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