Frequently Asked Questions ???

You will find many articles concerning our head's type, locking system, etc... in the "Products info" category from our blog.

1- What is the difference between a round, oval or ergonomic base ring?

Different shapes, allow more options to find what fit best to your morphology. For some the basic round shape is the best, and for others it is the oval one, it's up to you! Most of our customers find the ergonomic shape (curved back) to be the most comfortable. The deal is to determinate the best holding/comfort balance.

2- Various ring thickness are available, what are the differences?

- The thickness of the rings we will use to build your cage, will have a big influence on the final weight. For example on a "Tarentula" which often needs a lot of rings, the final weight difference is very significative depending on the thickness chosen. To have a better idea, a 35 mm ring, thickness 5 mm, weight 19g. With thickness 4 mm the same ring decrease at 12g. With a 60 mm Tarentula's tube which needs 7 rings (head included), the final weight difference will be of 50g!

- Thanks to these 4 mm thickness rings, we can offer the lightest stainless steel cages of the market. However, some can prefer the feeling of weight and the aesthetic more massive of the 5 mm thickness rings. As the needs can vary, we offer different thickness then.

- Concerning the base rings, we started to use the thickness 8 mm as many other companies do. But we quickly had better results using thickness 6 mm base rings, way lighter, discrete and finally comfortable into the pants. Sometimes, a few ones ask for a larger base ring, so we weld two 6 mm rings together, to make a large 12 mm one.

3- Why some ring sizes are more expansive than others?

We build our cages buying round rings directly from the fabrics. The European standards only offer a every 5 mm choice. So we can only find in the market stainless steel rings size 25/30/35/40/45/etc... Many customers need more precise sizes, because it's essential for a right fit, especially with diameters. For example with a base ring diameter, a 2 mm difference can change the all feeling! So we can modify the standard rings in intermediate sizes, and it means an extra work we have to invoice 30€ per ring treated.

4- How to put the base ring on? Can I take it off when the cage is on?

To put the base ring on, which is closed without any mechanism to open it, it is easy when you are used to. But at the beginning it can appear tricky. Don't try to put the all "package" at once! Things has to go element by element. Insert one testicle first, and the other one just after. Then you can slide your penis through the base ring, forcing a little bit if necessary. You should be flaccid at this moment, keep control!

Once the tube is on, locked by the security screw or the padlock, it's impossible to take off the device, because of the too narrow space (gap) for the testicles, between the base ring and the tube.

5- What are the differences between the NO ESCAPE padlock, NO ESCAPE screw, COMBO1, COMBO1 screw only, and COMBO2 locking systems?

Differences are mainly about the level of security, discretion and the aesthetic choice. Our first original locking system which still work very good is the NO ESCAPE padlock. COMBO 1 and 2 allow to use a security screw and a padlock at the same time. With all the COMBO systems, you need to send us back the device for adjustments, in case you need a new base ring. The COMBO 1 with the screw only version, was our most discrete system for a few years. Then we built the NO ESCAPE screw, which is right now, the best choice for comfort and discretion, but doesn't allow the padlock security level. With all the NO ESCAPE systems, you don't have to send anything back in case you need a new base ring. Every elements fit together, as the flat plate with the three holes is always drilled the same way. Just order and it will fit to your NO ESCAPE cage.

6- Are the chastity devices really secure?

As I wrote above, you can't take off the all cage, if it's well adjusted to your body. Any attempt will finish with the cage stuck on the testicles, and with pain. But it is always possible to take off the penis from the tube, more or less easily depending on the sizing. A strong curved and some spikes make the things harder, but still possible. The only way to completely secure a penis into its chastity tube, is to lock it with a piercing (like Prince Albert or Apadravya) attached to the cage. For the majority who don't wear a piercing, the cage is enough to condition men to not masturbate, and not having sex outside the couple. Most of the locked men don't try to cheat, they don't want to brake their chaste efforts in a second. If so, they would cut padlocks with a big clamp everyday!

7- I don't understand anything at the measurements, can you help me?

Our info page about sizing should help. If not, just keep in mind that measurements are made to help getting closer, and more quickly to your goal, but are not the only way.

The best option is to make tries with various cheap devices, and draw some conclusion from it. You can also buy some rings in hardware stores to make some tries.

8- Is it possible to wear the "Sissy cage" 24/24h?

Yes it's possible, as many of our customers can wear it months full time. It mostly depend on the sizing. If you are asking for a long tube with a small diameter (ex: 70 length x 25 diameter), the curved will be very intense, and hard to take for very long last. That's why over 70 mm we recommend the ZZ cage which is more comfortable and still discrete enough.

The Sissy cage is our most discrete choice, and the most sold cage. It is also recommended for people doing sports, as it allows a great freedom of movements. When we build it at small sizes, the 90° curve decrease a bit, and the cage can become the most comfortable of our models.

The Z structure (left) allow to build a softer curve than for the Sissy cage (right). Here both models have the same sizes.

9- Which model is the best for long lasting?

All our models listed into our "Chastity device" shop category, are thoughts to be worn for long last. Your choice will depend on your aesthetic preferences, and specific needs also. Every model gives different feelings and sensations, let your heart speak! The other devices listed on the "Tease&punishment" category, are not made for long last. The designs are thoughts with an other goal, which is tease&denial play and/or punishment.

10- Is wearing a cage healthy? Does it shrink the penis? Is it dangerous to not ejaculate in a long time?

Regarding our experience, we can define that wearing a cage doesn't cause any serious issue, if you find a right balance between the caged periods and the freedom ones. The "beast" needs freedom periods, to recover its all potential after a long time locked.

In case of using a cage 24h/24h, 365days/365days, it's possible to:

- Start having erection issues, due to the need of a more frequent penis activation. But also because of the libido decrease, age, desire for your partner...

See your penis length and diameter decrease slowly, mainly because of the skin elasticity lost. Without the penis growing anymore, the skin becomes stronger and retract, causing the penis diminution. That's why it's necessary to let some freedom with sexual actions, if the goal is to maintain your penis healthy.

- The few medical opinions we know about chastity play, tell us that any biological deregulation can be caused by missing ejaculate. Sperm surpluses which can be dangerous for health is not a reality. The body is able to eliminate the surpluses by its own, by other natural ways. So the "Milking" technique, activating the prostate with a finger, is not necessary to keep a good health. But we all know that the missing of orgasm and ejaculation, leads men to some deep derangement of the senses which needs to be taken with care.

11- Which service do you use for shipping? Is the package discrete enough?

Depending on the country and zone we have to deliver, we will choose between different companies. RED CHILI is now only based in Spain. So, all the packages will be sent from there.

We contract the shipping by internet through the "GENEI" platform. From there, we will choose the best carrier for the situation. We mostly work with DHL, UPS y CORREOS. Their service is normally sold for a 24/72h delivery. Reality is more about 3/4 days for Europe, and about 1 week for countries like United States or Australia, between the package leave our workshop and land into your hands.

In every case, each package is very discrete, without any commercial mark. The packaging is always treated with attention, thinking about your privacy. If someone would open the 25x8x9cm package, he couldn't easily know the nature of what is inside neither.

The 25€ or 35€ forfait include, carrier payment, insurance, packaging material and time spend to treat the shipping.

Thats it!

You will find many articles concerning our head's type, locking system, etc... in the "Products info" category from our blog.