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You will also find many articles about cage heads, locking systems, etc...in the 'Product Information' section of our blog. « Product Information »

1- What is the difference between a round, ovalized, or ergonomic base ring?

The differences in shape allow you to find the base ring that will best fit your anatomy. It varies from person to person; some may prefer round, others oval, or even the ergonomic curve... it's up to you! A good majority find that the ergonomic shape (which is a round ring curved backward) is the most comfortable. The goal is to find the ideal balance between fit and comfort.

2- Several thicknesses of rings are possible, what are the differences?

The thickness of the rings that make up the cage's tube can have a significant impact on the final weight of the object. For example, on a "Tarentula" model, which often requires many rings, the difference in final weight is very significant depending on the chosen thickness. For reference, a ring with a thickness of 5mm and a diameter of 35mm weighs 19 grams. With a thickness of 4mm, it weighs only 12 grams. So, for example, in the case of a 6cm long Tarentule that requires 7 rings (including the head), there will be a difference of 50 grams in the final weight depending on the chosen thickness!

Thanks to these thin rings, we offer the lightest metal cages on the market. However, some may prefer the aesthetics and the more solid appearance of the 5mm thick rings. The feeling of weight can also be appealing, although lightness is synonymous with comfort and therefore makes long-term wear easier. There's something for everyone, which is why both choices are available.

Regarding the base rings, we initially started with 8mm like many other manufacturers. However, it quickly became apparent that 6mm is preferable because rings of this wire diameter are lighter, less bulky, and more comfortable. However, sometimes people request a wider ring, and in that case, we weld two 6mm rings together.

3- Why are some sizes of base rings more expensive than others?

We manufacture our cages using round rings purchased directly from the factory. European standard stainless steel rings are only available in standard sizes ranging from 5 to 5 mm increments. Only sizes 25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60... are available on the market. Many cage wearers require intermediate sizes. For example, to obtain a size 47 ring, we have to modify a standard size 50 ring. This additional work is quite significant, which is why it incurs an additional cost of €30 added to the price of the cage. Providing the option to choose any size of base ring is essential.

4- How do you put on the base ring? If you can put it on, can't you escape from it later?!

To put on the base ring (which is a solid round ring without a hinged opening system), it's very easy with a bit of method and practice. You can't pass the whole 'package' at once; you have to go element by element. So, you start by slipping in one testicle, then the second one, and finally the penis (while it's completely at rest, of course). Normally, no lubricant is needed, perhaps just a bit of saliva on the penis to make things a bit easier."

Once you've locked the cage tube onto this base ring, there's no longer enough space to remove the testicles; it becomes impossible to completely remove the cage.

5- What is the differences between the locking systems NO ESCAPE padlock, NO ESCAPE screw, COMBO1, COMBO1 screw only, and COMBO2?

The difference is mainly a matter of discretion and aesthetic choice. The COMBO 1 and 2 allow the use of both a padlock and/or a security screw, ensuring a perfect locking of the elements. The COMBO1 with screw alone has long remained the most discreet of our systems, completely dispensing with the padlock. The drawback of all COMBO systems is that in case a new base ring is needed, the cage must be returned to the workshop to adjust this new ring. The NO ESCAPE PADLOCK locking is our original system, it works very well even though it leaves a slight play between the elements. Then we eventually developed the NO ESCAPE SCREW system, which is now ultimately the most discreet of all. Nothing protrudes at the front, the plate is perfectly flat and invisible even under a string! The huge advantage of the NO ESCAPE PADLOCK and NO ESCAPE SCREW systems is that in case a new base ring is needed, there is no need to return the cage, and all the elements are interchangeable. Just order on the website, and the new ring we send will surely fit your cage. All NoEscape plates are drilled identically, so the rings are adjusted in the same way each time.

6- Are chastity cages truly inviolable?

As mentioned above, it's not possible to completely remove a well-fitted cage; it will always be blocked by the testicles. However, it's possible to remove and replace the penis from any cage on the market, more or less easily (spikes and discipline belts, a highly curved shape, seriously complicate matters), but it's always possible. The only system to date that completely prevents the removal of the penis is a piercing on the glans (like a Prince Albert) attached to the cage tube. For the majority who don't have a piercing, the cage still easily conditions a man to refrain from masturbating and prevents him from having sexual intercourse with other partners. Most wearers don't seek to "cheat"; they wouldn't break a chastity effort easily, otherwise, they'd spend their time cutting padlocks with a big pair of pliers! Even if the male submits to the cage, he's complicit with his partner and needs to establish mutual trust.

7- I don't understand the measurements at all, can you help me?

Our measurement guide page should indeed shed some light on this. However, keep in mind that measurements help get closer to the desired result, and nothing beats trying out cheap cages beforehand to figure out what works best for you. You can use those experiences to determine any adjustments needed to improve and get a clearer idea of the measurements you require.

Alternatively, you can order metal rings from a hardware store to try out different diameters. Then, measure the length of your penis at rest to determine the length of the tube, which usually equals the length of the penis minus 20mm. If you opt for the standard 10mm measurement for the space between the tube and the base ring, you can be sure you're on the right track.

8- Is it possible to wear a 'SissyCage' 24/7?

Yes, it's possible. Several of our clients wear it continuously for several months without any issues. It's a 'star' cage that has proven itself. The downward constraint of the genitals is generally well tolerated. Its discretion makes it very comfortable to wear in all circumstances, particularly for sports. Its shape doesn't imply any real hygiene problems, except for a tendency to urinate on the testicles at the beginning. When constructed with smaller sizes, the 90° angle transforms into 70°, 50°, 30°, making the cage even more comfortable.

On the contrary, when measurements are significant, the curvature of the cage will be too, sometimes to an exaggerated extent. That's why the 'ZZ cage' was created, to have better control of the curvature when manufacturing a cage with significant dimensions. It's the best cage for someone with a large penis who wants maximum discretion.

The 'Z' structure (on the left) helps to soften the curve of the 'Sissy cage' (on the right).

9- What is your model best suited for 24/7 wear and long-term use?

All our models are designed for extended wear. It then depends on your aesthetic preferences, whether you prefer rings or bars, the size of the cage you need, and any specific requirements you may have. Each model provides a different sensation of confinement but is well suited for 24/7 wear.

10- Does wearing the cage make one impotent? Does it reduce penis size? Isn't prolonged absence of ejaculation dangerous?

If we take into account the experience of users of our products, we can define that wearing a chastity cage does not lead to any of these problems if one alternates between caged and free periods in a balanced manner. It's important that 'the beast' can regain its full potential regularly.

In the case of permanent use of the cage 24/7, 365 days a year, it is possible that:

Difficulty in achieving erections may arise, related to the lack of training of the erectile mechanism, but also likely due to loss of libido, age, or desire for the partner...

- That the penis may eventually decrease slightly in size, mainly due to the loss of elasticity of the skin. Without the possibility of growth, the skin of the penis hardens and retracts, potentially leading to a decrease in diameter and length. That's why sometimes the penis needs to regain normal erections if the goal is to maintain it in good condition.

The few medical opinions we are aware of suggest that there is no obligation for a man to ejaculate, as there would be no harmful overproduction of sperm. Any excess is naturally eliminated internally when necessary. The technique of "Milking," which involves inducing ejaculation by massaging the encaged person's prostate without allowing them to climax, is considered to have no medical benefit. However, it's widely acknowledged that abstaining from orgasm can lead to significant psychological changes in men, which should be monitored closely.

11- Nocturnal erections keep me from sleeping; the cage becomes unbearable to the point where I have to remove it. How can I fix this?

It is important to differentiate between the erections that occur when awake and those that happen during sleep:

-A conscious erection is a complex process that begins with sensory or psychological stimulation, followed by a cascade of nerve and chemical responses, resulting in increased blood flow to the penis. A man can consciously provoke or inhibit it, maintaining a certain level of control, which allows him to comfortably endure the cage throughout the day.

-Unconscious nocturnal erections are a normal physiological phenomenon in men. They typically occur several times per night during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phases. REM sleep is the final phase of the sleep cycle, characterized by vivid dreams and intense brain activity. This activity can stimulate the parasympathetic nerves, which are responsible for erections. Additionally, levels of norepinephrine, a hormone that inhibits erections, are reduced during sleep. This promotes the dilation of blood vessels in the penis, allowing increased blood flow into the corpora cavernosa. In summary, nocturnal erections are primarily due to the complex interaction between sleep phases, brain activity, hormonal regulation, etc. For these reasons, they are more intense than conscious erections and almost uncontrollable.

If the pain is very intense, it can interrupt the dream phase and wake you up at the wrong time. If it is moderate, you will become aware of it in the subsequent intermediate phase of semi-wakefulness before the next cycle. This is less disruptive to sleep than the first case, making it easier to manage. In any case, you will not be awake enough for the erection to subside on its own without any action. The solution is to get up and urinate. Even if it only takes five minutes, the act of taking a few steps, becoming conscious, and emptying your bladder allows for a quick return to normal. You can then go back to bed and start a new cycle.

Erections will occur in succession, and there is nothing anyone can do about that, so you will need to cope with them. The theory that a very tight cage can better block nocturnal erections is, in my opinion, false. Blood will flow regardless and will need to find space. If it is blocked by a cage, it will concentrate around the lower abdomen, forming a bulge that pushes the base ring against the testicles, causing an unpleasant pinching sensation that can sometimes become unbearable.

Based on my experience, after trying different configurations, I can conclude that the more space you allow for nature to take its course, the better your nights will be. The longer your tube, but more importantly, the looser your base ring and the larger the gap between these two elements, the easier it will be to endure a nocturnal erection while caged.

This is also why I always recommend having the largest possible gap between the base ring and the tube, without allowing the testicles to escape. Next, try to find the largest possible base ring that still maintains sufficient support for the cage. This should normally be enough to resolve the issues without having to adjust your tube length. However, if the problem persists, you can also alternate between a shorter tube for the day and a longer one for the night, making quick changes without having to remove the base ring. If you live with your dominatrix, she can supervise these changes in the evening and morning.

Additionally, having a quality cage helps solve many problems. The quality of the finish is crucial when the metal restricts your erections. It is imperative that all surfaces are perfectly smooth and soft to the touch. The skin of the genital organs is very thin and sensitive, requiring carefully crafted metal.

Also, keep in mind that all caged individuals around the world have gone through, and continue to go through, similar experiences, and they eventually adapt to nocturnal erections. This is also due to the fact that they become less intense when one is regularly caged for extended periods. It takes some time before one can perfectly endure a cage 24/7 like a second skin, but everyone can achieve it with a bit of willpower and resources. The body has this remarkable ability to adapt to new situations and create its own solutions, so be patient and trust it.

12- What shipping service do you use? What does the packaging of the parcel look like?

Depending on the destinations and the time of year, we have to vary the carriers. All our packages now depart from the workshop in Spain, since the company completely crossed the border, following Phil's retirement.

Shipments are processed through the GENEI platform. From there, we choose the most suitable carrier for each situation, usually DHL, ZELERIS, or CORREOS. Their service is estimated at 48/72 hours from package pickup to delivery to the recipient. If you're not at home at the time of delivery, you'll have the option to contact the carrier and/or pick up the package at their nearest depot.

In any case, the packaging is very discreet and well-made. The cage is wrapped in bubble wrap, then placed in its black synthetic soft case; all of which is then placed in a cardboard box measuring 25x15x8cm, securely sealed with brown packing tape. There is nothing on the label to indicate the nature of the package, only your name and address, as well as the sender's.

The €25 package for shipping includes the carrier's fee, packaging materials, and the time spent processing the shipment.

Thats it!

You will also find many articles about cage heads, locking systems, etc...in the 'Product Information' section of our blog. « Product Information »