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Our model with a urethral plug, developed in collaboration with the eminent Ezada Sinn.

EZADA’S CONTROL CAGE: The ultimate servitude…

The 'Ezada’s Control Cage' was designed in close collaboration with the formidable Goddess Ezada Sinn. Her request was clear: a very comfortable model to push the limits of her submissives even further, while incorporating a removable urethral plug. Mistress Ezada particularly enjoys condemning men to long periods of chastity with this accessory in place. She finds it even more enjoyable to know that a man's sex is under control, penetrated at every moment by the hard and cold metal. The man who only thinks about penetrating women finds himself 'fucked' constantly, kept more frustrated than ever.

The urethral plug can be worn for several consecutive days, it has an outer diameter of 6mm, and a 4mm hole allows for proper urination. Beginners can start with a reduced length (half of the cage), and then move on to the appropriate length, which is the same as the cage tube. The cage itself has similar characteristics to the 'Tower of London': curved, lightweight, hygienic...

The cage head is unique to this model, specially designed to accommodate the urethral plug while maintaining a good hygiene/isolation ratio.

This is a very comfortable model, polished to a fine finish. Designed with long-term wear in mind, provision is made for both cleanliness and security.

The cage is custom-made for you, with a wide range of lengths and diameters, perfectly adapting to all types of morphologies, even in very small sizes (30mm tube length is possible).

Each cage is a unique piece handmade in surgical-grade stainless steel 316L by specialized artisans in our workshops in Catalonia.

The "No Escape with padlock" choice is delivered with: 1 base ring, 1 penis ring, 1 Abus padlock, 1 discipline belt, 1 storage bag.

The "No Escape with screw" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 2 Lovekeys, 3 security screws, 1 storage bag.

The "Combo 1&2" choice is delivered with: 1 base ring, 1 chastity tube, 1 padlock, 2 Lovekeys, 3 security screws, 1 storage bag.

You will find many articles concerning our head's type, locking system, etc... in the "Products info" category from our blog.

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Prix : 365,00 €
The double ring consists in welding two 6mm thickness rings together, to make a 12mm one.
More information about the integrated letters can be found on the 'Product Information' blog.
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