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Lovekey with security screw: The padlock alternative.

A cage locked by a padlock is a strong physical and psychological symbol, a pleasure for both partners. The sight of a keychain adorning a dominant's breasts is an exciting one. But for some, a padlock presents numerous inconveniences, which can be eliminated by opting instead for a security screw. A padlock can clink audibly against the metal of the cage, and is the less discreet option for those seeking to cover their caged parts.

The security screw works with the “Combo 1 & 2” and “No Escape with screw” locking systems. It simply and snugly connects with the lock hole, preventing movement or jangling between the chastity tube and the base ring. With the “Combo 1 & 2” choice, the second locking hole is reserved for the optional use of a padlock, which can be left to the dominant's discretion. The use of the screw alone is sufficient to ensure security, while the heart-shaped key provides a distinct and pleasant item of adornment for the dominant's person. It would be very difficult for the submissive to locate a substitute key of matching effectiveness when left alone.

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