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Cages featuring partner Mistresses

Only our ambassadors Mistress Ezada Sinn and Mistress Ibicella have had a dedicated professional model honoring their glory for several years. However, we now offer the possibility to customize our other classic models (Sissy cage, Tower of London, etc.) featuring other famous Dominatrices whose work we admire. Thus, the servants of these superior women can wear a cage with a design recommended by these exceptional Mistresses.

Examples of customization also serve as templates to inspire you, so you know what can be done, and to give you ideas to share with us. We can create a cage in the likeness of your wife, according to her desires. Let us know what Madame desires...

Also, visit the page on customization with large 3D letters.

The 'Ibicella cage' and the 'Ezada’s control cage' in the hands of their respective owners!

Here are the partner Mistresses and the various custom designs:

THE MISTRESS BLOODY MARIE CAGE: Personalization with the letter 'M' stylized in a 'queen's jester' style, and three red rhinestones representing the 'Bloody' part of Mistress (+280€). Website:


THE MISS KIMBERLEY CAGE: Personalization with the letters MK crowned with a stone of your choice (+280€). Website:


THE MISTRESS NIKKY FRENCH CAGE: Personalization with the logo 'NF' in large letters, and a rhinestone embedded (+250€) Website:


THE MISTRESS SINPIEDAD CAGE: Personalization with the large letters 'S P', and the logo representing the chastity key, as well as the quasi-religious fervor for the superiority of the Mistress (+300€) Website:


THE RACHAEL BELLE CAGE: Our partner, the stunning trans model Rachael, also has her own customized design. A pink stone inserted into the body of a delicate letter 'R' (+200€). Website:

Here are some personalized creations:

2 thoughts on “Cages à l’effigie de Dominatrices partenaires

  1. Quelle chance !
    Je vais proposer cela à MAITRESSE comme cadeau pour son anniversaire

    1. Au plaisir d’honorer votre Maîtresse avec une de nos cages personnalisées !

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