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Custom Cage - Large 3D Letters

We now officially offer customization of your cages by inserting one to two letters into the structure of the tube. Our technique allows us to shape large three-dimensional letters with a massive appearance. The realization is only possible in an artisanal way, with each piece being unique. We are currently the only ones in the world able to offer this type of customization. The option requires a lot of creative and precise work, and therefore its price is accordingly set at €130 for one letter and €200 including taxes for two. You will find in the order forms how to subscribe to this option.

Here's a base of the 'Safira cage' with the letters 'M&J' inserted into the structure.
The cage we made for 'Mistress SinPiedad' was the first creation with the large integrated letters.

3 thoughts on “Cage personnalisée – Lettres larges en 3D

  1. Bonjour,

    J’aimerais beaucoup pouvoir porter une cage à l’effigie de ma Maîtresse (Maîtresse Katastroff) qui a son donjon à Liége (B) mais qui parcourt la France, comment faire pour qu’elle puisse devenir partenaire ?

    1. Bonjour, envoyez-moi un message ( avec un croquis de l’idée de design que souhaiterais votre Maîtresse, et je ferais une évaluation de la faisabilité et du coût de la cage.

  2. I’m what to get a new cage it will be a SAFIRA CAGE can I get a old English style S on it with the stone in the top of the S and if so how much more do you think it be

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